Welcome to Curlew Watch

Curlew Watch is a community based program supported by Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch to help raise awareness about the Bush Curlew.

The Bush curlew is a species that is appreciated by many. A large number of residents have taken a direct interest in the bird’s protection and management. Their concern is justified.

Globally, the family burhinus is in decline. So is the Australian member of the burhinus family, Burhinus grallarius. We have perhaps been oblivious to these trends and become complacent because the species appears relatively common in Queensland, and is listed as common by legislation. However, the trends indicate otherwise. The Bush curlew is culturally significant and worthy of our special protection and our help. We need to be vigilant and proactive. This places an onus upon us all to take appropriate action to ensure the species’ long-term survival in this region.

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