Bush Curlews on the move

In 2008 Queensland Wader Study Group started to focus attention on resident shorebirds with particular attention to Bush-stone Curlew.

To date 129 birds have been fitted with individually identifiable leg flags, the majority on Coochiemudlo, but small numbers have also been banded on Macleay Island, Russell Island, Karragarra and on the mainland at Cleveland and also Victoria Point. Monthly visits have been made to Coochiemudlo since 2009 to collect flag sightings and count birds and further surveys on other islands in the bay have been made to count stone-curlews and record any leg flags. To date there have been 331 individual re-sightings made, 101 in 2012. These monthly visits have also provided an opportunity to record hatching and rearing success for a number of pairs as well as looking at local movements and dispersal away from the island.   Click here to read more -> curlewonmove


Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch would like to help close the gap on un-answered questions about the location and movement of Bush Curlews by utilising photographs taken by the community. Using your iPhone or similar location savvy phone we can pin point the exact location. See our blog for more details. https://curlewwatch.wordpress.com/report-a-curlew-sighting/

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