Bush Curlew data now online

We are currently loading paper records of Bush Curlew sightings onto an online database/map.

If you like to have a look at this online map. Click here to view.

The map will grow and improve with time  : )

This map shows where and when the Bush Curlew was seen. Some further information is also available and will be refined over time.

Researchers are particularly interested at present about Bush Curlew movements. To understand this movement researchers have been attaching coloured flags to the legs of those birds they capture.  Therefore, reporting a bird with a flag attached to their leg is of great interest and improves our knowledge about the Bush Curlew’s travels.

We have learnt quite a bit about their movements something that was unknown until now. We wrote a short story about the researcher’s Moreton Bay experience.

We are always interested to know when the Bush Curlews are breeding and how many young are sighted and when.

Interestingly the data to date shows Bush Curlews are sharing our homes and businesses and seem very happy to do so and are doing very well. They need only a little space, freedom from inquisitive cats and dogs and a driving for wildlife attitude to survive in suburbia.

Thank you for your sighting forms they are always appreciated. Please note you can now send your sightings electronically (with your photos) via this blog.

Curlew Map

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